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Ream City

Ream City is a proposed new urban development in Ream Bay in Sihanoukville Province, Cambodia. The project covers 834ha of reclaimed land in the bay, with an estimated US$16 billion in total investment. Ream City is being developed by Canopy Sands Development, a member of Prince Holding Group, and is designed by Surbana Jurong from […]

Future Ninh Thuan Province – Vietnam

Phan Rang–Thap Cham is the capital city of Ninh Thuan Province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam. Ninh Thuan is bordered by Khanh Hoa to the north, Binh Thuan to the south, and Lam Dong in the Central Highlands to the west. Ninh Thuan Province has the lowest GDP per capita in the […]

New Capital City of Indonesia

Indonesia is planning to move its capital from Jakarta in Java to a new city in East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo. The move is in part to relieve pressure on traffic-clogged Jakarta, which is sinking, polluted and crowded. A new capital city would also be a way of symbolically centralising the government, which […]

Muse-Mandalay-Kyaukphyu Railway

The Muse-Mandalay-Kyaukphyu railway project is two proposed railways that make up the Myanmar section of the China-Myanmar railway. The two sections in Myanmar are Muse to Mandalay, and Mandalay and Kyaukphyu. News and information about any of these projects will be put on this single page. The railway could also be called the Kunming to Kyaukphyu railway […]

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Concept Map

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Concept Map
If Saigon had a subway like Shanghai - an expanded map of the planned Ho Chi Minh City Metro.