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Bangkok–Nong Khai high-speed railway

The Bangkok–Nong Khai high-speed railway is a planned railway that will connect Bangkok to Nong Khai in northeast Thailand on the Laos border. It will then be connected to the China-Laos railway in Laos, providing a railway connection from Bangkok to Vientiane, and onwards to Kunming in China. This new railway is a double-track standard-gauge […]

Ho Chi Minh City construction update – 2020 edition

This is the second annual Ho Chi Minh City construction update (here is the 2019 construction update), and what a difference a year makes. At the end of 2019 Vietnam had recorded over 7% GDP annual growth, capping off a record decade of growth. And then COVID-19 struck. With international travel all but closed down, […]

Vega City Nha Trang

Vega City Nha Trang is a coastal resort/new urban area that features hotels, villas, shophouses, and an entertainment area. Vega City is 13 km from the city centre (measured from Agarwood Tower), at the northeastern tip of Nha Trang Bay. Work began in May 2020 and it’s expected to be completed by October 2022. Project […]

Nha Trang construction update – 2020 edition

Nha Trang was in the midst of a construction boom in 2019, with Cam Ranh International Airport reaching 10 million passengers for the first time. As I noted in my Vietnam aviation report for 2019, Cam Ranh airport was serving flights to 30 cities in mainland China every week. [Cam Ranh International Airport passenger statistics […]

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Concept Map

Ho Chi Minh City Metro Concept Map
If Saigon had a subway like Shanghai - an expanded map of the planned Ho Chi Minh City Metro.